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Farm Project


Ongoing Bible Worker and Missionary Support

This is Pastor Aleck Made's church in Mutare.  The situation is absolutely unacceptable and HeReturns will help them by God's grace!


The pastor in his church.  Will you partner with us to give them a better  house of God?

Play the video below for a message from the pastor.  And more pictures follow.


Building in progress on 6/2017.   Praise God!


The structure is finished around 6/2017.  Less than two weeks.  Amen!


Inside of the new Mutare church.


During construction, a wonderful evangelism crusade was held next to the building.  To God be the glory!


A baptism after the crusade.  Amen!


Church service in the new sanctuary. 


By God's grace, construction begins on the Bible worker's house in Mutare.


Making great progess on the Bible worker's house!  9/2017


Mutare Water Well

The final phase is a deep borewell for the Mutare church.  Since the other wells in the area are shallow wells, this deep well will be an enormous blessing to the entire area!

Drilling was completed in 1/2018.

Chaperuka Church

Unfinished church in Chaperuka.  God will provide!


The Chaperuka church - spring 2019.  Praise God!


Bible Worker Support

HeReturns is blessed to be able to help support Bible workers in Zimbabwe.

Only by God's grace!

Farm Project - Mutare

HeReturns is blessed to fund this critical project for the suffering people of the Mutare-Chikuku church community!

A baptism after the crusade.  Amen!  6/2017


Church service in the new sanctuary. 



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