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Our Team

Efoui Abotsi, RN MSN NPC

President, Director, Co-Founder,

Bible Instructor, Health Ministry

John Phillips

Vice-President, Director,

Co-Founder, Secretary,

Treasurer, COO, CIO,

Bible Instructor

Larry Walters

Vice-President, Director,

Health Ministry, Bible Instructor

RSP Pict 2020.jpg

Robert Phillips

Bible Instructor, Health Ministry, Literature Evangelism

Karen Phillips

Music Ministry, Communications, HR Ministry Consultant

Anabel Albuja

Music Ministry, Bible Worker, Literature Evangelism

Pr. Russell Thomas

Publishing Ministry, Literature Evangelism

Michael Dehning, MD

Health Ministry, Literature Evangelism

Debra Dehning

Health Ministry, Literature Evangelism

Rosalina Vargas

Mexico Ministry, Hispanic Ministry

Vivian Neuharth, RN BSN

Health Ministry

Ernest Chivero, PhD

Health Ministry

Karlene 1.JPG

Karlene Ostergard, RN

Health Ministry

HER Pete Pict for Staff Page .JPG

Pete O'Connor

Bible Worker, Health Ministry, Literature Evangelism

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