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Publishing Project

Funding Goal:  $150,000+


As of

The press in Yaounde, Cameroon serves both the Cameroon Union and the five countries of the Central Africa Union.

Cameroon Publishing House in Yaounde 1.jpg

   Many years of communist controls, during which the SDA Church was banned and our properties taken by the government, have not left much to start over with. 
   The Cameroun Adventist Press must be re-equipped with modern, reliable, and fast equipment.  It must be able to compete successfully against the local printing industry, and save its customers money while completing jobs with a higher quality and on-time delivery.
   It needs to avoid reliance on outsourcing printing outside of the country.  Political instability, currency flunctuations, economic stresses, and religious maneuvering for power and influence make outsourcing risky.   

   Plus, the Cameroon publishing house is of particular importance because it also serves five other countries:   Central African Republic, Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo, Congo Republic, and Gabon.

Ryobi 4-Color Press.jpg
Printer Pict 2.jpg

Guillotine Paper Cutter


$16,500 is needed to purchase this important piece of equipment!

Ryobi four color press.

This beautiful equipment valued at about $35,000 was donated to the project.  Praise the Lord!

Printer Pict 1.jpg
Guillotine Paper Cutter (16,500 Needed).jpg
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