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Funding Goal:  $26,500


Churches and Schools $25k


HER ZANZ Pict - School Under Constructio
HER Zanzibar School 2 is Started
HER Zanzibar School-2 Pict 083119.jpeg
HER Zanzibar School 2 Final Pict

Media &
Projects $1500

The unfinished first church that needs help!

The beautiful congregation waits for their church to be finished.  When it rains, they must stay home and cannot meet for worship.

Construction resumes on the first church!  Praise God!

School 1 under construction.

Another school  building is needed and construction began 5/2019.  A teachers office is also being built.

School building #2 as of 8/2019.  Praise God for the progress!

School building #2 is complete!  9/2019

New Shakani Church Project

HeReturns is blessed to help with this new church project.  Dozens have been baptized in the area in 2021 and have had no place to meet.

HER Zanzibar Kisakasaka Baptism 1021.jpeg
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