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Hope Of Revelation

Power-Packed Multi-Media Series on ZOOM

The World is Falling Apart - Right Before Our Eyes!

But the book of Revelation speaks hope to a weary world!

  • What will happen? 

  • How will it end?

  • Learn how to study prophecy

         - So that anyone can                         understand the truth

  • See the evidence for yourself

         - No matter what church you
         attend, or even if you
         don’t attend!

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Learn Exciting Topics Like:
  • World history thousands of years in advance
  • Signs of the end
  • The Three Angels Message – the ignored warning!
  • The beast powers of Revelation and mark of the beast
  • Jesus returns!
  • The Millennium (1000 years) and the end of evil

  • The new earth

All studies will be on ZOOM

Learn from the comfort of your home!



Tuesdays 7:30p ET / 6:30p CT


Planned Start: October 2023




Text: 402-509-9012

Presenter: John Phillips


John has 20 years experience in teaching Bible prophecy.  His passion is to help prepare people for the great events soon to come upon us!

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