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Funding Goal:  $20,000

Supporting Print Bibles 4 Cuba


As of:

The oldest press at Cuban Union Press, this Chandler and Price hand-fed press, was built in USA in 1898! It worked in the Adventist Church offices since before “The Revolution”.  It's unacceptable to have to rely on such old equipment!

Cuba Web Pict 0319 01.jpg

Four of these little Japanese Hamada Star presses have “worked their hearts out”. They are so small that they can only print an 8.5 X 11 inch sheet of paper. They were dependable, but now are both small and old.

Cuba Web Pict 0319 02.jpg

The small Heidelberg 2-color Printmaster is the newest press they have in Cuba. But it was broken down when we visited in May 2018. Mike Wells of “Print Bibles 4 Cuba” found, purchased, and sent a replacement circuit board from the US. Now the press is running again!  Amen!

Cuba Web Pict 0319 03.jpg

This strong, German Heidelberg GTO is in very good condition, and is the largest and most reliable press they have. It will serve with the other Heidelberg press as the base of the new lineup of presses. These Heidelberg presses print sheets twice as big as the little Hamada presses shown above.

We have purchased a Swedish-built Solna 125 for them. It prints sheets twice as large as the two Heidelbergs do. So it will greatly increase their output.  We pray for the great needs there!

Cuba Web Pict 0319 04.jpg

This German Polar 76 EM computerized paper cutter, along with the two Heidelberg presses, came to Cuba as a donation around 2015-2016 through World Youth Group. HeReturns and Print Bibles 4 Cuba will continue to develop  press capacity, quality, and efficiency. And we hope to engage with new partners by God's grace.

Cuba Web Pict 0319 05.jpg

From the quality of this current Youth Sabbath School Lesson cover, you can see that the print quality produced is sub-standard—to the point of being hard to read.  May God bless the efforts to improve printing in Cuba!

Cuba Web Pict 0319 06.jpg

This little laser printer is the only tool Cuban Adventist Press has with which to make plates for its printing presses. It was not a high definition system at its best; now it is old and producing poorer output. That makes poor plates. Of course, a pressman cannot produce a better print image on the paper than the plate he received. We are working on a system to dramatically improve the quality of plates generated!

Cuba Web Pict 0319 07.jpg

Along with the paper cutters, two hand-fed stapling machines complete the entire bindery of Cuban Adventist Press! What is missing? Two huge gaps cry for help: there is neither a paper folder, nor a perfect binder for binding the bigger paperback books! All the books must be either stapled, or covered by hand.  Of course the stapler machines are old and something much better is needed!

Cuba Web Pict 0319 07a.jpg

All of these stacks of paper (and many more) must be folded—by hand! Each quarter our brothers and sisters fold 700,000 sheet of paper this way--just for the Sabbath School Lessons!

Cuba Web Pict 0319 08.jpg
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