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Middle East

Publishing Project

Funding Goal:  $37,100



As of:

People Need the Lord:   How can we reach out to the masses of people who have never heard the truth of the Bible?

How can the gospel be spread to the masses?  Publishing is a critical way and HeReturns wants to help!

Manager and Operator:  These brave men are operating a commercial printing press in the Middle East.  They are working toward printing health, family, and children's literature first, then expanding into spiritual literature.

This healthy cookbook has a universal appeal in these days of lifestyle diseases.

Heroes of Faith:  This woman of faith encouraged her husband to quit his job, arranged a loan from her employer, and supported his dream to start a printing press to spread the gospel in the Middle East!

A pastor, who is also a regional church president, arranged support to buy this press to help the project along.

A graphic design system and digital color press are installed and operating.  Praise God!  But more help is needed.

Paper cutter needed:  With the ability to design and print, now they need the ability to cut the paper before printing, and again after printing to trim it to the final size. This cutter is greatly needed to help be a fully functional print shop.  The cost is $13,200, and this project would tremendously aid them!

Folding machine:  Next, they must be able to fold larger sheets to make pamphlets, brochures, and books.  A suitable folding machine is around $9,000 and HeReturns wants to help them with this important equipment!

Single-head stitcher:   A powerful commercial stapler is essential for making receipt books, magazines, or small booklets.  A new one like this from India costs only about $4,000.  Will you help us help them?

Offset press needed:  To achieve the ability to print larger books, a larger press is required.  This nice, used press is locally available immediately for only $6,600.  Would you consider sponsoring this?

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